About Us

BeScene is an event discovery and ticketing platform. We bring you the coolest, hippest, funkiest events around and let you purchase tickets conveniently. Our unique features make the process of event discovery fun and personalised. We also provide full ticketing services for our organisers at the lowest rate.

Contact Us

Your feedback is extremely important to us! We are constantly improving our system to make our service better. Feel free to contact us at hi@bescene.sg. and we will get back to you ASAP (within 24 hours). Our office islocated at 10 Collyer quay, Ocean financial centre, #40-01, Singapore 049315.

Cancel & Refund

If your event is cancelled by the organiser, you will be able get a full refund minus a processing fee of 3.5%. If you would like to request for a refund due to personal reason, it will be subjected to organisers’ own refund policies.

Getting your tickets

Tickets bought using BeScene’s web and mobile checkout will be sent to the buyer’s email address immediately after payment. Each ticket will contain a unique QR code and details of the event. Buyers who have an account with BeScene can also log in during check out for their tickets to appear on their mobile application. Please feel free to contact events@bescene.sg if you encounter any difficulty when purchasing a ticket. BeScene also frequently showcases other events which are not using BeScene’s checkout platform. You will be redirected to their website for payment processing of your purchases. If you have questions relating to your transactions, please reach out to the respective event organisers accordingly.

Ticket prices & description

We do not charge our ticket buyers (in fact we frequently give free credits for users to buy tickets). We only charge our organisers a standard rate of 3.5% + S$0.50 per ticket sold (no charge for free tickets).

BeScene Privacy Policy

BeScene respects the privacy of all our customers and business contacts, and is committed to safeguarding the personal data you provide to us. Please read our Privacy Policy to learn more about the ways in which we collect, use and protect your personal data. We want you to fully understand our privacy practices. If you have any questions, please send an email to our data protection team at hi@bescene.sg.